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1. Images of Williamsport’s Past
John Carlance,
Carved Brick, 1999.
Trade and Transit Center
100 W. 3rd St. north & south walls.
Taken from images on old photographs, the bas-reliefs depict Williamsport’s lumber industry, the old opera house, and innovations in transit.

2. Lady Justice
Artist Unknown,
Metal, 1860.
North of intersection of Pine St. and W. 3rd St.
This is a replica of the ornament from the original Lycoming County Court House. The courthouse was replaced in 1969, and the original ornament resides at the Taber Museum.

3. Shad Run
Joe McDonnell,
Brushed Aluminum, 2007.
NE Corner of Market and E. 3rd St.
Shad are a symbol of the renewal of life in our river and our river front city.

4. Bound to Bloom
Mike Paterson,
Steel, 2003.
SW Corner of Market and W. 4th St.
Commissioned by Lamar Advertising to enhance the revitalization of downtown Williamsport.

5. Mural Alley
Jeremiah Johnson, Elise Kaplan, Khristina Snook-Kohr,
Mural Paint, 2003-2006.
12 W. 4th St. Behind Franco’s Restaurant.
Commissioned by Franco’s Restaurant to enliven the alley that serves as the rear entrance to their restaurant.

6. Beatrice Portinari
Ferdinando Vicchi,
Carved Marble, 1880.
J.V. Brown Library, 19 E. 4th St.
Beatrice was the courtly love of renaissance writer Dante. The piece was brought back from Italy by JV Brown as a souvenir of one of his trips abroad. It is a smaller version of a statue in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

7. Ruth
Giovanni Ciniselli,
Carved Marble, 1880.
J.V. Brown Library – front entryway 19 E. 4th St.
Commissioned of a sculptor from Milan, Italy, the biblical Ruth is associated with the harvest, appealing to J.V. Brown, the owner of a flour mill. Its original site was the parlor of the Brown home.

8. Boy Columbus
Giovanni Monteverde,
Carved Marble, 1880.
Reference Room of J.V. Brown Library. 19 E. 4th St.
A keepsake of a trip to Italy brought back by J.V. Brown. This piece is a reduced marble copy of a life size version in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

9. Italian Pastoral
Lycoming College Art Students,
Painted Murals, 1995.
341 E. 4th St.
Lycoming College Art students wanted to thank DiSalvo’s for improving the neighborhood by building their classical style restaurant.

10. The Fish
Tony Rodgers,
Concrete Sculpture, 1970.
Campus side of Lycoming College Academic Center.
Created for a sculpture class under the guidance of art professor and sculptor Jon Bogle. It was nicknamed The Fish by the students, since the abstract piece resembles a fish.

11. Peace Tower
Designer Robert M. Yasui M.D.,
Masonry and Chimes, 1980<.
Corner of Pine Street and Little League Blvd.
Dr. Yasui commissioned the peace tower to honor his parents, Shizuo and Masuo Yasui and to promote world peace.

12. Defenders of The Union
George F. Eisenbrown,
Granite, 1894.
454 Pine St.
Erected in honor of the men who served during the Civil War.

13. Linda, The Dragonfly
Mike Dietz,
Copper and Glass, 2003.
416 Pine St. (over doorway)
A whimsical piece commissioned by Williamsport’s Merchant and Business Association, as part of the Air/Scape program.

14. Heart of Downtown
Jason Burgess,
Concrete and Metal, 2004.
First National Bank parking lot, 120 W. 4th St.
An Air/Scape program commission to celebrate the downtown: the heart of our community.

15. River Valley
Mike Paterson,
Metal, 2003.
2nd Floor Lobby of 353 Pine Street
The wall relief commissioned by the Rizzo family is an artistic testimony to the beauty of life in a rural, mountain river valley.

16. Inspiration – Lycoming County
Michael Pilato,
Acrylic Paint and Panels, 2007.
217 West 4th St.
Commissioned by Our Towns: 2010, and the Chamber of Commerce, one of the world’s largest murals, it tells of the history and the life of Lycoming County.

17. Two Sisters
Jon Kohr,
Carved Stone from Lycoming Creek, 2005.
229 W 4th St. – parking lot.
Privately commissioned as a memorial to the two Gorden sisters.

18. Musical Frogs in the Sky
Steve Bastian,
Enamel Sign Paint, 1996.
Bullfrog Brewery Entrance, 229 W. 4th St.
Musical frogs playing in a spiral sky are the welcome at the entrance of the Bullfrog Brewery.

19. First Day of Summer
Roger Laux Nelson,
78 x 240 feet oil painting, 1980.
Lobby of Federal Building, 240 W. 3rd St.
Commissioned by the General Service Administration as a part of the Federal Government Art in Architecture Program.

20. Little Street of Shops
Small painted wall mural.
228 W. 3rd St.
A reminder of the shopping heyday of our small city when it was a bustling retail center.

21. Metal Works X Two
Jason Burgess,
Metal, 2005.
Rear 321 Pine St. Commissioned by Club Z as a contribution to the beautification and cultural life of downtown Williamsport.

22. Justice Courthouse Sculpture
Carved marble of three life size figures. 1860.
Lycoming County Courthouse, 48 W. 3rd St. – on 2nd floor.
Using art to represent justice is an ancient tradition. It is symbolic of a society’s contract with its people: a promise that if they as a people lived by the law, the law in return would be just.

23. Fish Mural
Michael Pilato and Lena Yeagle,
Mural of fish
Pine Square, 300 Block of Pine Street.
Mural attached to exterior wall in Pine Square, on the west side of Pine Street and is home to the Brickyard Restaurant and Ale House and the 3 Gringos Restaurant. Mural is on southeast exterior wall.

24. An Urban Forest
Beth Miele,
Painted mural, 2012
36 West 4th Street, Downtown Williamsport
Painted mural of trees with herringbone background on the east side of exterior wall

25. Kelly Prado
Michael Pilato,
505 Washington Boulevard
Mural in memory of Joey's Restaurant owner's daughter, located on building at the north side of the Joey's Restaurant parking lot.

26. Children’s Mural
Natalia Pilato and community artists,
Painted mural from photographs taken by children in the Center’s after school photography program, 2009
600 Campbell Street
Mural on the west exterior wall of the Campbell Street Family and Youth Center, east side of Campbell St. Features large sunflowers and children’s portraits.

27. Vulture
Jonathan Kohr,
Metal sculpture, 2011
357 market Street, southwest corner of 4th and Market Streets
Commissioned by the Logue family during restoration of the former Shoe Repair Building.

28. Williamsport History
Michael Pilato and Yuriy Karabash,
Mural, 2011
Birthplace of Little League
Lena Yeagle, Mural, 2011
Market Street between Church St. and 4th Street
Two large murals celebrating local history on the east side of public parking deck, just before the Market Street Bridge, visible from Market Street

29. The Wood Hick
Pamela Barner,
Bronze sculpture, 2009
Riverwalk near west of Market Street bridge

30. What Lives in There
Michael Patterson,
Stainless steel sculpture, 2012
Riverwalk, South Williamsport, just east of Maynard Street bridge.

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