Legacy Program

Public ARTWORKS has also developed a Legacy Gift Program. Legacy, as we view it, is a deep and meaningful concept and a way for people to share some of their most important values. We feel the Legacy Gift Program of Public ARTWORKS will give our people a new and wonderful way to commemorate the persons and events that have been part of the life of our community.

The Riverwalk has already become an integral part of our life. Each day, people walk, run, or simply sit by the river. The piece of land we live on and love is shaped and connected by this river and its' streams. Our life as a river town is an important part of our history, and our beautiful Riverwalk and Sculpture Park will symbolize how we have used our past to create a good life, and a better future. A Riverwalk Legacy piece will be a way to remember those who were important to us in a manner that becomes a gift to our whole community.

Public ARTWORKS has designed a process where we can help an individual, a family, a business, or a corporation, sponsor a memorial piece that will be part of the Riverwalk. Public ARTWORKS is a part of The Lycoming County Celebrates the Arts Alliance, a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Consequently, a Legacy Gift would be considered a tax-deductible contribution as per the rules of the Internal Revenue Service tax code.

Due to design considerations, Riverwalk Legacy opportunities are limited. More information can be obtained or discussions begun by contacting Mark Murawski, one of the volunteer members of Public ARTWORKS, at mark.murawski@lyco.org.

Download the Legacy Brochure