Welcome to Public ARTWORKS!

The history of public art in Williamsport, Pennsylvania is similar to that of other small American cities. The works of art which are displayed can be categorized into three main types: war memorials, local historical pieces and contemporary pieces created because of a renewed awareness of how public art can express and enhance the cultural life of a city.

First Friday Celebrations, gallery openings, the commissioning and the dedication of sculpture and murals, many by local artists, have been part of a local revival of interest in public art in Williamsport. A First Friday program called AIR/SCAPE (Artist in Residence/Small City Art Project) designed by FFAT City Committee, has also had a catalytic effect. AIR/SCAPES' goal was to commission small whimsical art pieces for the delight of downtown pedestrians. The AIR/SCAPE project has inspired other community members and groups to commission downtown art works, all of which have added to the charm of walking our city's streets.

Our Public Art Walk is a fun and interesting way to learn about our city, our history and our art. The walking tour circles our downtown and returns you to where you began in about 45 minutes. We hope you enjoy yourself.

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